Music Scheduler and Master Playout
The M Player which has the most powerfull multi channale feature to play 2 channles at the same time to skip the change over gap
The easiest way of making music playlist using ops msuic scheduler for community radio's
The best combination if the playout and music scheudler for multi playout stations , easy scheulding monitoring and managing multiple station from sinlge server
The most amazing traffic scheduler filled with all the featerues required for generating al all bussiness reporting
Music scheduling by folowing all music rules. Playlisting and scheduling make easy.
About OPS
OPS belongs to Leeocen Broadcast & Technology Private limited based in delhi started in 2009. This is the first and the only comany in india which is successfull in radio automation software and already serving to many commercial community and instore radio solutions.
Check out the OPS Studio  new features, like the Clocks, Enhanced Spots Management, Automatic Playlist Creation, traffic management VoiceTracks.

✔ Powerful Music Scheduling
✔ Schedule & Manage Commercials
✔ Multi Player channel
✔ Newtorked Playlisting
✔ Playout Sync ( real time Tx site backup)
✔ Integration with SMS Services
✔ In Store radio Software
✔ Special keys to store special features
OPS Studio
OPS Software product ops lite which is an instore radio software has installed more than 5000 store in india, uk, bangladesh srilanka and dubai.

More than 45 radio stations in india which includes commercials and community radios.

OPS has also introdeuces its internet channel for instore and other solutions. where ever radio automation solutions the ops is the only name.
+91 8588074767

396, IInd Floor,Sector 16A, Faridabad, Haryana- Delhi NCR

83, Rocky Lane
Parry Bar Wallsal Road, Birmingham, B421QZ, UK



OPS Studio
OPS Lite
OPS Sartaaj
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